X-Ray in East End, Houston, and Pasadena, TX

When you’re dealing with injuries or health problems, nothing is more important than turning to a team of medical experts that can see you immediately and also offer a vast array of diagnostic. Emergency rooms can be stressful and expensive and the last thing you want to do is be sent to another office to get imaging tests done. Here at Lawndale Medical Clinic, our Houston, TX, board-certified and board-eligible physicians have in-office digital X-ray services.

About Digital X-Rays In Houston, TX

Digital X-rays are at the forefront of the latest imaging technology, providing both our medical team and our patients with the most precise and advanced diagnostic tools in the Greater Houston area. Nothing is more important than our patients’ health and that means investing in digital X-rays and other advanced technologies that ensure that patients get the swift diagnosis they need so they can feel better fast. Since digital X-rays use computers instead of film this means that the images we can capture are far more accurate and a whole lot clearer.

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays At Lawndale Medical Clinic

Many doctors don’t have the proper imaging technology to be able to perform diagnostics in-house. This means that they often have to write a prescription for you to get imaging done elsewhere, which wastes valuable time in which we could already be treating the problem. Here at Lawndale Medical Care, we offer digital X-rays onsite so you never have to go elsewhere and waste more time getting answers.

Results When You Need Them

Our digital X-rays are easy to use, which means that it only takes a few minutes to run this equipment and get results. This also gives our team a chance to look at the images right away so we can figure out what’s going on, which provides our patients with immediate answers. It only takes a few minutes to take digital X-rays in our office.

Safer Technology

Many people have concerns about traditional X-rays and the radiation that is emitted but rest assured that digital X-rays are incredibly safe. They emit 80% less radiation than traditional X-rays.

Better Quality

Digital x-rays are far more advanced than traditional imaging, which means that the software capabilities are superior. This also means that we get better quality images and we also can improve and enhance the images with computer technology. The makes it possible to really see what’s going on inside the body so we can provide a clear-cut and accurate diagnosis.

Lawndale Medical Clinic is proud to serve the Greater Houston, East End Houston, Pasadena and surrounding communities. If you need imaging to diagnose or treat your injuries or musculoskeletal condition, call our office at (713) 924-4907 to learn more.