The Importance of Having a Primary Care Walk-In Clinic

Injuries can happen, and so can a sudden illness or a number of different health issues that can put your normal life on halt. A walk-in clinic can help with many of these concerns, and you can learn more about the benefits of being able to walk in and receive medical care by getting in contact with your local health professionals at Lawndale Medical Clinic, in Houston, TX, and serving East End and Pasadena, TX.

Emergencies of a Different Kind

An emergency room visit can be necessary if your life is at risk or if you've suffered a severe injury that requires immediate care.

If your health needs aren't so severe as to warrant emergency care at your local hospital then typically your next option would be your doctor's office.

But it can sometimes take days to arrange an appointment, not all doctor's offices aren't set up to take in sudden visits, or may simply not be open when you need them.

Walk-Ins in Houston, TX, and serving East End and Pasadena, TX

So for health problems that aren't life-threatening yet cannot wait days for treatment there is your primary care walk-in clinic.

Not all urgent cases require a hospital visit, your walk-in clinic can provide you with treatment for issues such as minor burns, minor skin infections, rashes, non-life-threatening allergic reactions, insect bites, minor cuts, contusions, abrasions, or upper respiratory problems. All to name a few of the possible issues you may encounter that your walk-in clinic can help with.

You can expect the same professional care you'd expect at either the hospital or your doctor's office in a timely manner.

You can dial (713) 924-4907 to reach our doctors at the Lawndale Medical Clinic, or simply come in for a walk-in visit in Houston, TX, serving East End and Pasadena, TX.