Get the Care When You Need It With Our Walk-in Clinic

When you are sick or injured, you want immediate, fast care. A visit to the emergency room can be extremely costly and time-consuming. Most people would rather avoid this. A better option is to visit Lawndale Medical Clinic. Lawndale has a walk-in clinic in Houston, TX ( serving East End, Houston, TX & Pasadena, TX). Our providers will care for your immediate needs so that you can get back to health and life as quickly as possible. We provide service for both children and adults.

What are the advantages of a walk-in clinic?

We are a medical facility that can both diagnose and treat you and your children for most non-life-threatening conditions or injuries.  The benefits of choosing a walk-in clinic are:

  • On-demand care: At our walk-in clinic, there is no waiting for your provider's schedule to have an opening. There is no calling ahead to schedule an appointment at our walk-in clinic. You simply walk in and get care.
  • Less waiting: ER visits can take up a whole day. Wait times are considerably less with us.
  • Flexible hours: We offer extended office hours in the evenings and on weekends, which offers you increased access to a healthcare provider.
  • Eliminates the added stress of deciding where to go:  If you or your child are sick or injured, the last thing you need is to decide where the best place to go is, which won't break your bank account and take forever. You need not think about these things when you choose our walk-in clinic in Houston, TX ( serving East End, Houston, TX & Pasadena, TX)
  • Comprehensive services: For most non-life-threatening conditions, we can help you. From sniffles to the flu or COVID testing, we can quickly diagnose you.
  • Get better faster!

Common reasons to go to a walk-in clinic for immediate healthcare needs

Any illness, injury, or other condition that is not life-threatening can be effectively treated by our providers. And by coming to us, you will be freeing up time and space in an emergency room for more serious, life-threatening conditions. Common reasons for choosing a walk-in clinic include:

  • Cold or flu
  • Severe earache
  • Severe migraine
  • Rash
  • Fever
  • Minor broken bones
  • Minor burns or cuts
  • Back pain
  • Sprains

The above list is certainly not exhaustive of all reasons you should choose a walk-in clinic for your immediate healthcare needs.

Contact us

For more information, call us at (713) 924-4907 or just come in and see us! The providers at Lawndale Medical Clinic's walk-in clinic in Houston, TX ( serving East End, Houston, TX & Pasadena, TX) will get you feeling better fast.