Common Childhood Illnesses: Symptoms, Treatments, and Prevention

You can trust your child in the hands of Dr. Calixto Ruibal, Dr. Silvia Boccardo, and Dr. Julio Scaglia at Lawndale Medical Clinic. Thanks to the professional staff providing pediatric care in East End, Houston, and Pasadena, TX, you have access to experts who can help prevent, diagnose, and treat common childhood illnesses. Here are some ailments your pediatricians see daily.

What Are Common Childhood Ailments?

 Don't be surprised if your child often has a sore throat; the bacteria that cause strep infections are very contagious. Sore throats can be very painful and may come with a cough. When it comes to strep throat, your local pediatrician may prescribe an antibiotic. When your child has a cold or flu, it's often apparent through a fever, runny nose, and cough. Your child may also feel very worn down and dehydrated.

Ear infections are also common in children. One of the main risk factors is not drying the ears properly after bathing or swimming. For proper diagnosis, always bring your child to the Lawndale Medical Clinic to diagnose the source of the infection. 

Asthma can occur in childhood. The occurrence of childhood asthma can be inherited or due to the child's environment. In many cases, a moldy, dusty, or allergen-filled environment can create or exacerbate worse cases of this disorder. Asthma pediatric care in East End, Houston, and Pasadena, TX, will usually include a prescription inhaler for emergencies.

Can Parents Prevent Illness?

 As a parent, you can protect your child from illness by providing a clean and sanitary environment. Bring your child in for regular annual checkups and follow-up exams if needed. If your doctor prescribes medication, keep up with those prescriptions, and don’t forget about vaccinations. A healthy diet with safe drinking water can also prevent the likelihood of the spread of bacteria or virus infection.

How Can Doctors Treat Them?

 There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to dealing with childhood illness. After all, your professional medical team will look at your little one's specific health situation to decide the best care plan. However, with routine checkups, vaccines, antibiotics, and recommendations for lifestyle adjustment, your doctor can help prevent issues that may be brewing, such as asthma, childhood diabetes, obesity, and other problems that can worsen with age.

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