When an X-Ray Can Help You

When you’re dealing with internal issues, it can be hard for your doctor to properly diagnose something without having a clear image of what might be happening. An X-ray can allow your doctor to be able to see inside your body and clearly tell if you’re dealing with an injury and what might be the best way to treat your issue. An X-ray can feel overwhelming if you’ve never gotten one in the past and you may have no idea what to expect during the procedure. Your doctors at Lawndale Medical Clinic in Houston, TX, and serving East End and Pasadena, TX, can explain what you can expect during an X-ray and how it can help you. 

What To Expect During an X-Ray

An X-ray is a painless procedure and allows our doctor to spot broken bones and issues in the chest, lungs, and abdomen. There’s no preparation needed before an X-ray, but you do need to let your doctor know if there’s any possibility you could be pregnant, because it could affect the baby. 

An X-ray only takes a few minutes to perform and will be over in no time. Depending on the area being checked, you’ll be asked to stand or lay in a specific position so that an accurate picture can be taken. You need to stay completely still while the X-ray is being taken for the best results. It’s important to follow all instructions because your doctor may ask you to hold your breath during the test. 

Once you’re set up, your doctor will walk behind a wall or into the next room to activate the machine. You'll hear clicking and buzzing and your doctor will let you know when you’re free to move again. You can also expect your doctor to take at least 3 images of the area. 

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