The Importance of a Primary Care Physician

Do you have a primary physician, or have you taken the time to find one who you can trust? If not, you need to contact us at Lawndale Medical Clinic right away. Our team can not only provide you with primary care in Houston, TX ( serving East End, Houston, TX & Pasadena, TX) but also help you better understand its benefits. Here are a few reasons why this care option is so important.

Coherent and Streamlined Care Methods

When you work with a primary physician, you make a potentially lifelong connection with a medical professional. They can track all your health concerns, create new care plans to suit your needs, and produce a coherent and streamlined therapy option that keeps you healthy and happy.

That kind of familiarity is essential for your overall care. But, just as importantly, these physicians can provide this care for your children. Working with a primary physician early in your child's life helps spot potential problems early and produces a long-term and effective therapy option.

Disease Prevention

Working with a primary care specialist in Houston, TX ( serving East End, Houston, TX & Pasadena, TX) can help prevent many different conditions. For example, regular cancer screenings with this physician can help you spot early warning symptoms and minimize your cancer risk.

Importantly, they can check you for problems like diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, and much more. You can even get immunization and vaccination care from these experts. In this way, you can avoid serious health problems and stay healthy for much longer than average.

Chronic and Emergency Health Care

While you can also get chronic and emergency health care in emergency rooms or urgent care centers, you can visit your primary physician. For example, you may get treatment from them for colds, coughs, ear infections, cuts, bruises, rashes, and other non-life-threatening problems that affect you.

After getting emergency room treatment for potentially deadly concerns, you can talk with your primary physician about your recovery. They can help you transition back to everyday life and make everything much smoother. In this way, they're a critical part of your health care needs, one that you can't ignore when planning your other therapy options.

Get the Care You Need

When working with Lawndale Medical Clinic to receive primary care in Houston, TX ( serving East End, Houston, TX & Pasadena, TX), you can set up a therapy team that manages your health concerns and keeps you focused and healthy. Contact us at (713) 924-4907 to learn more about your options and to get the help that you need. We look forward to working with you and helping you stay healthy.