What Does a Primary Care Doctor Do?

Medical health treatments come on several tiers that influence what kind of treatment you receive. For example, primary care is often the first-line defense against various health problems and can help with many concerns. Understanding the care we provide at Lawndale Medical Clinic in East End, Houston, TX can help you plan your health treatment better and ensure you get the help you deserve.

What Does a Primary Physician Do?

A primary physician is a doctor who specializes in family medicine, general internal medicine, or general pediatrics. They meet with a patient before their diagnosis and are considered the point of first contact. This label means they diagnose a person's general health concerns and take care of their comprehensive care needs. These physicians may work in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

However, a primary physician also identifies specialists and unique care treatments a person may need. This process may include identifying cardiovascular health professionals, diagnostic experts, physical therapists, and vision doctors. In addition, primary physicians help set up appointments and coordinate a person's overall care to help ensure that they recover from a broad range of health concerns.

When to See a Primary Physician

If you're looking for primary care in East End, Houston, TX, knowing the best times to visit these experts is vital. Most people need a primary physician at some point in their life, and having one available helps make your health treatment easier. Just a few times to talk to one include:

  • Specific Life Milestones: As you age, it is wise to talk to a primary physician at decade milestones, including when you turn 30, 40, 50, 60, and beyond. 
  • During Sicknesses: When sick, reach out to a primary physician to get help. Setting up a medical relationship before you're sick may make this process easier, too.
  • Caring for Children: If you're raising a family or plan on having kids, you need to talk with a primary physician who can care for your young one's health.

If you fall under any of these headings, you may want to contact a primary physician right away. Scheduling an intake can help improve this process and match you with a doctor who better meets your needs. It can also help catch problematic conditions earlier and minimize their impact.

Let Us Help You

Please call us at Lawndale Medical Clinic in East End, Houston, TX at (713) 924-4907 to set up primary care that can meet your needs. Our team of professionals includes multiple doctors who will work with you to diagnose and treat your medical concerns and walk you back to better health. We work with many people in the Houston area and often take on new patients.