What To Expect During an Immigration Exam

At Lawndale Medical Clinic, our team can provide many services that help our clients stay healthy. For example, we can do an immigration exam in Houston, TX, if you plan on immigrating to the area temporarily or permanently. These exams might seem a little scary for new residents, but they're thankfully reasonably simple and shouldn't cause you any significant discomfort.

Physical Exam

When entering a country as a new resident, you must go through a general physical exam. This examination will check for things like physical weakness, troubles hearing, and vision concerns. Doctors go through this process to ensure that you're healthy and capable of handling the move. If you're struggling in any way, you may need treatment to get back to proper health.

Mental Health Check

During your immigration exam in Houston, TX, we do a quick examination of your overall mental health. We want to make sure that you don't have any underlying psychological concerns that could be troubling. These checks also help you identify any problems you may have and make it easier for you to handle the challenge of immigrating to a new and exciting country.

Medical Record Test and Screenings

After going through your mental health check, our team checks your immunization records and medical history from your original country. We will ensure that you have all the proper protection, including the vaccines needed to enter the country. Our team also screens for alcohol or drugs and can help you identify an addiction treatment center to visit if you need one.

Disease Tests

Before you immigrate to Texas, our team will check for any common diseases to ensure that you don't bring them into the country. We can also provide treatments for these conditions to help you recover. For example, if you have an untreated infection in your mouth, our team can work with you to make sure you get treated. Doing so helps minimize your pain and eases your immigration transition.

Let Us Help You

If you're ready for an immigration exam in Houston, TX, and want to work with Lawndale Medical Clinic, call us at (713) 924-4907 right away to get started. We can help you immigrate to the country the right way and ensure you remain healthy while you visit. Don't hesitate to call us after you've moved to Texas and get your general healthcare treatment through our expert professionals.