When Is an X-Ray Needed?

When you come into Lawndale Medical Clinic in East end, Houston, TX, with certain health concerns, we may recommend you undergo an x-ray to help us diagnose the condition accurately and address it correctly. There are only some cases when Dr. Calixto Ruibal, Dr. Hugo Suarez, Dr. Silvia Boccardo, or Dr. Julio Scaglia will recommend you receive one. Let's discuss when.

When a Broken Bone Is Suspected

If you come into our office in East End, Houston, TX, with signs of a broken bone, a doctor from our practice may recommend you receive an x-ray. This will allow us to see the bone and evaluate it from any fractures.

To Rule Out Other Causes

When a physician from our practice has an idea of what's wrong but needs to confirm, she or he may order an x-ray to rule out other causes of your symptoms. 

To Look for Lung Problems

A practitioner at Lawndale Medical Clinic may suggest you undergo an x-ray of your lungs if you're having breathing difficulty that's not easily assessed by listening to your lungs and taking into consideration your symptoms. For instance, a practitioner may use this to diagnose a respiratory infection. If your lung could collapse, we may use an x-ray to look at your lungs to see if you have air in the space around your lungs. We can also check for fluid in or around your lungs this way. 

To Look for Heart Problems

We can use a chest x-ray to look for certain heart problems. For instance, we can see the size of your heart as well as if you have any fluid around it. 

Check for Joint Problems

At our practice, we may use x rays to look for joint problems. Let's say you're having pain in a joint. We can use an x-ray to check for degeneration. 

When you come to Lawndale Medical Clinic in East End, Houston, TX, we'll provide you with the proper diagnostics based on your potential condition. In some cases, you receive x rays to diagnose your problem. Sometimes, when Dr. Ruibal, Dr. Suarez, Dr. Boccardo, or Dr. Scaglia want to rule out other conditions, you'll receive x rays to rule out other possible causes of your symptoms

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