How Our Walk in Clinic Can Help You

Lawndale Medical Clinic is your walk-in clinic in East End, Houston, TX. When you need immediate medical attention, our team of skilled physicians is here for you. Keep reading about how we can help you and come see us at our walk-in clinic in East End, Houston, TX.

Our Walk-in Clinic 

When you need urgent medical attention for a non-life-threatening injury or medical problem, choose our walk-in clinic. Lawndale Medical Clinic offers walk-in services for patients needing immediate care. There are times you need to go to an emergency room, but we are equipped to provide care for a wide range of acute and chronic injuries and conditions.

If a health problem arises and you need medical attention our walk-in clinic in East End, Houston, TX, is here for you with an attentive and dedicated staff. When non-life-threatening medical problems come up our walk-in clinic is a great option to have!

How we can help

We know no one likes to go to the hospital, and we are happy to be the alternative in a non-life-threatening situation. We can provide the same care you would get in an ER in a more comfortable setting, and you can be more relaxed while you receive care.

When you get sick, most people's first concern is getting back to your life. You won't be waiting days for an appointment with a doctor when you use our walk-in services. Come see a doctor today and start feeling better sooner!

The major benefit to our walk-in services is that you do not need an appointment to receive care. You're welcome to call us, but you don't need to make an appointment in advance to be seen. When you need urgent medical care Lawndale Medical Clinic is here for you. Our dedicated physicians provide walk-in services in East End, Houston, TX. Contact us at (713) 924-4907.