Managing Minor Injuries: How Walk-In Clinics Can Provide Prompt Care

Dr. Calixto Ruibal, Dr. Silvia Boccardo, and Dr. Julio Scaglia at Lawndale Medical Clinic provide prompt medical care for the community. An emergency room may sometimes take up your entire day. Luckily, with a visit to our walk-in clinic at East End, Houston, and Pasadena, TX, you can get that urgent care without the emergency room hassle.

What Is a Walk-In Clinic?

 This type of clinic is an alternative to a hospital. You can still get quality medical care from trained doctors and nurse practitioners. However, go here because you need quick medical attention for something that's not life-threatening. For example, you can go to such a clinic due to a cut or a bruise. However, if the cut or laceration is bleeding profusely, you need to go to the ER as that's life-threatening. 

Why Use This Type of Facility?

 Depending on where you live, your local hospital may be backed up with taking on appointments. Plus, some doctors may not be seeing new patients for ordinary examinations. If you decide to go to the emergency room, you also have to deal with the atmosphere that comes with that. While the ER provides a vital service, it is filled with people who have had bad accidents. It can be a very chaotic atmosphere which you may not want to deal with when you simply want to get a regular checkup or treatment for an infection. Like an emergency room, you don't need an appointment, but you're much more likely to be seen earlier than you would be in the ER. 

What Can These Doctors Treat?

 When you visit a walk-in clinic at East End, Houston, and Pasadena, TX, you have doctors who can help you manage chronic illnesses or do a quick exam. You may be having pain in a part of your body that you want to diagnose. 

Visit such a clinic for:

  • General check-ups
  • Flu shots
  • Vaccines
  • Stomach ailments like food poisoning
  • Infections
  • Testing and lab work
  • Rashes and other sudden skin ailments
  • Care for high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic disorders
  • Sprained ligaments or strained muscles and tendons

 The team at Lawndale Medical Clinic is proud to be your walk-in clinic of choice at East End, Houston, and Pasadena, TX. Dr. Ruibal, Dr. Boccardo, and Dr. Scaglia are a team of knowledgeable and compassionate professionals who have worked in the area for years. They are more than willing to help you with your urgent but non-emergency medical care needs. As noted, you can walk-in for service, but you can also call us at 713-924-4907 today.